Product Range

Lemp Pharmaceuticals keeps the following items and many more…

Male Medical Circumcision kit
Our product is of good quality and is currently being used to curb the spread of HIV from early stage by a Government institution -North West Province. We also provide different kinds of medical packs – the Dental, Delivery and Trauma packs, and all types of Surgical Instruments

Medical & Surgical Instruments
We carry a range of Instruments of high quality and autoclave able surgical instruments, some sourced locally but mostly imports.

Ophthalmic Equipment

We stock a vast range of High Quality / CE certified ophthalmic items mostly imported from China. Our products are distributed to the Optometrist and the Government Institutions, for further view of the products see Our Catalogue

Pharmaceutical Items

We stock a wide range of pharmaceuticals from different suppliers and distribute to Medical Practitioners / Dispensing Doctors, and Government Institutions – (Home Care facilities and Hospitals). For some time now we have been ensuring that the Home care based facilities are supplied with the necessary day to day items, supplying them with Wheelchairs, Examinations beds and Surgical and disposable items. The following are types of pharmaceuticals we keep in our stock – Anti-biotic, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Cold & flu, Cough and Surgical.